DAAD publications hang from the ceiling.

Both the DAAD headquarters in Bonn and the Information Centre Riga regularly publish booklets, postcards and other materials which provide you with detailed information on various topics. Online versions of these publications are available here. If you wish to get print copies, get in touch with us!

Publications focusing on the Baltic states (in German, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian or English)

Brochure - Study and Research in Germany: What - How - Why?

Information about higher education institutions, study prorammes, application procedure and scholarship opportunities.
Eesti keeles (pdf, 1.55 MB)
Latviski (pdf, 2.69 MB)
Lietuviškai (pdf, 1.55 MB)
Deutsch (pdf, 1.49 MB)

Flyer - My Germany - Your Germany?

Testimonials, Ideas and Tips , what to do  in Germany if you know German language
Deutsch (pdf, 3.28 MB)
English (pdf, 3.19 MB)

Publications at daad.de

All DAAD publications about Studies, Research and further topics in German, Englsich and other languages you will find here.

A choice of information material

Research in Germany - Land of Ideas

Publications in English will help you to navigate through the German research environment and provide information on research performing organisations, funding and career opportunities, and interesting research areas. Find out here.