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Why study in Germany?

There are many good reasons to study in Germany and thus to enhance your international career:

  • high academic standards
  • broad range of study offers: more than 370 institutions of higher education offer more than 15.000 study programmes
  • students are systematically taught to work self-sustainingly (very important skill on the labour market)
  • international study environment: more than 240.000 international students
  • more than 900 international study programmes in English language and other foreign languages
  • no or only very limited tuitions fees
  • moderate costs of living


General information concerning admissions you will find here. Most important documents for you application are your so called higher education entrance qualification and a language certificate (German or English).

Higher Education Entrance Qualification:

To be admitted to a Germany university you need to provide a document that proves your academic qualification. I most cases the diploma that enables you to study in you home country also enables you to study in Germany. With your high school diploma from Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania (received in 1998 or later) you have direct access to German universities.

To convert your grades to the German grade system you can use this table.

If you received you high school diploma in 1997 or before, please consult this website (“Zeugnisbewertung”).

Language Certificate:

To enrol in a regular study programme at a German university, you need to prove good knowledge of German (or English). Information on German language certificates you find here.

Our information booklets in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian you find here.


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